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Wowsome Blossome is a division of Green and Black Inc., which owns multiple floral wholesale companies in DTLA. Because of our wholesale background and resources, we are able to provide our customers more value per arrangement. Since we don’t have to worry about competitive prices, we can be more creative in our designs, provide better quality flowers and plants, and offer better service. There are thousands of florist in Los Angeles, however we are the only company from Wholesale to public; offering delivery service of [Fresh flower / Succulents-Cactus / Orchids / Indoor plants / artificial / and even DIY kits / Decorative wood branches] in Los Angeles area. 

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We're all looking for the best; the best mechanic, the best restaurant, the best doctors and etc.
When we refer to companies as the best, it may be that they have great prices, impressive quality, and honest customer service.
More specifically for a flower shop, the best offers affordable prices, fresh designs, huge selections, great customer service and a pleasing shopping experience.
In Wowsome Blossome, you got the best florist!
We will tell you why! 
There are 3 type of flower delivery services available in Los Angeles. 

First: Local florists which you can find in your area.
If you currently shop at your local florist, great! Please support your local businesses.
However, most local florist shops are limited, their resources are narrow and might not have everything you are looking for.
Second: Wiring company, like FTX, 1-800, TeleXX
They wire, in other words, they connect customers to local florists.
If you don’t know any florists, or if you want to send flowers to someone far from you, wiring companies can be a great solution.
They have a more selections than local florist, and they are usually easy to shop.
However, the only problem is that they take about 27% profit from the local florists. If you order an $80 arrangement, after they take out their percentage, the florist makes only around $20. As a result, customers don’t get the full value they paid for. 
Third: Wholesale companies 
There are a couple of wholesale companies in the Los Angeles area.
However, most of them specialize in certain flowers, plants, or products. Only a few floral wholesale companies carry orchids, house plants, and a little more.
Among the few companies, not many offer flower arrangements, local delivery, or a functioning e-commerce website.

Here’s the part where we come in.
Wowsome Blossom is a division of Green and Black Inc., which owns multiple floral wholesale companies in DTLA.
We(and CHG) wholesale various indoor plants, orchids, succulents, cactus, air plants, artificial flowers, natural wood branches, and 300+ style of potteries.
Wowsome Blossom shines as a local flower delivery service because of our wholesale background and resources.
Being located in the Los Angeles Flower District, we have the advantage to get the freshest flowers from our neighbors who import fresh flowers daily, upon receiving orders from customers
So we are basically the only company offering delivery service of [Fresh flower / Succulents-Cactus / Orchids / Indoor plants / artificial / and even DIY kits / Decorative wood branches] in Los Angeles.
And to think about it, the Los Angeles Flower Market is the largest in the state, thus we might be the only flower service in United States, or at least in California, who delivers all kind of floral arrangements directly from wholesale to public.
And for this reason, the cost to make our arrangements is around 30% to 50% lower than other local flower shops and 49% to 64% lower than using a wiring service.  
We take advantage of our advantages to make our arrangements provide more value. We don’t skip out in giving better creative designs, better quality flowers and plants, better service, because we don’t have to worry about competitive prices. So you can get more value for the same amount money. 

A couple years ago, Farbod, the CEO of Bloomnation, visited us and asked to sell our arrangements on his platform.
Bloomnation offered more benefits for local florists. They provide a great platform for florists to reach local customers with minimal commission
I thought it was a great idea, so I made a division for local flower delivery service, which is Wowsome Blossom.
For just couple years, Farbod and his coworkers did a terrific job and now has a flourishing company.
However, there was some limitation with using a wiring company, so we made our own website because we wanted to offer much more.
Every seed has potential of what they can be. If they fall on good ground, they can realize their inner-potential and spring up and bare fruit a hundredfold.  
And businesses are like seeds, they need to be sown on good ground to realize their potential.
It is the reason we decided to make our own website.
For now, we sell our arrangements on Bloomnation, and plan to sell on other platforms also to reach more customers.
We will try to sell same price. So you can shop any platform you prefer.
To distinguish our own official website vs. wiring companies. Our own website ends with “E”. (WowsomeBlossome)
All other unofficial site, we use “Wowsome Blossom” which ends with “M”. 
As we mentioned, Wowsome Blossom has unparalleled resources and the potential to be the best floral delivery company in Los Angeles.
To complete our vision, customers are the last and most important element for us to get where we need to go.
It is the reason why we take care of our customers. Without customers, there is no business. Our top priority is to make sure our customers are happy, satisfied, and wowed.
Please shop with assurance.
If you’re not satisfied for any reason, please send us an email and we will make it right. 
Thank you
MoonHee Cho