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Modern Bonsai [a.k.a BongSai]

Roses are beautiful, but their beauty is not eternal.

Bonsais are not traditionally pretty , but their beauty is timeless. A Bonsai will last forever.

Send a Bonsai Tree to someone you would like to be with forever.

The plants are in modern ceramic vases, and are 10-15 years old.
It can be seen as old in new, zen in modern, and Asian in Western.
This reinterpretation of Bonsai is by Wowsome Blossom.

We would like to devote this design to Mr. Bong, the director of Parasite, who first introduced Koreans in Oscar. 

As a congratulations for winning Korea’s first Oscar, we have named this design “Bongsai 

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STANDARD: 5" * 5" * 12" Pottery
DELUXE: 5" * 5" * 12" Pottery with a bigger bonsai
PREMIUM: 5" *5" * 14" Pottery with a bigger bonsai

If you're looking for traditional Bonsai, please check Big Bonsai