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Lady Lemonade

Commonly called flamingo lily or painter’s palette, is native to Columbia and Ecuador. It is an epiphytic evergreen tropical perennial of the Arum family that is most noted for its attractive waxy, palette-shaped, bright red spathes and contrasting dark green foliage.

Botanical Name Anthuriam

Common Name: Flamingo Flower

Light Levels: High

HighlightsYellow spadix with red spathe

Care: Use a well-drained, peaty potting mixture with a layer of pot shards at the bottom. Plants need bright light (part or diffused sun in summer), but avoid full sun. In too much shade, plants may not bloom. Bright indirect light in winter is best. Consistent moisture year around. Soils must not be allowed to dry out.

Planter Size:

All images Shown are standard sized. Each upgrade come with larger or more intricate arrangements.