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Aglaonema First Diamond Spiral Ceramic Planter

This white and green variegated Chinese evergreen is a low maintenance and tough indoor plant that has compact growth. It has lush foliage and is perfect the brighten that dark corner and is listed as one of NASA’s top air purifying houseplants. It comes in a tall, grooved white ceramic round pot.

Botanical Name: Aglaonema

Common Name: First Diamond

Type: Foliage

Light Levels: Low, Medium

Highlights: Green and white variegation reminiscent of a Dieffenbachia with the longevity and durability of an Aglaonema

Care: Short and compact growth. Keep plants on the dry side.

Planter Size:
Standard/Deluxe - 8x9" Ceramic Pottery
Premium - 12x12" Ceramic Pottery

All images Shown are Premium sized. Each upgrade come with larger or more intricate arrangements.