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Dracena compacta

 The dracena compacta is an easy  Its shiny green foliage is tighter than other dracenas, as its name would suggest, making it an excellent addition to smaller spaces. These are slow growers and therefore ideal if you are looking for something of a particular size and shape, as it is unlikely to outgrow its space. 

Botanical Name Dracaena Compacta

Common Name: Compact Dragon Tree

Light Levels: Low, Medium

Highlights:  thick, stiff, glossy dark green leaves, which spread out to form rosettes around the canes.

Care: The frequency of watering the Dracaena Compacta depends on the season of the year or, more accurately, on the amount of available light. In summer you should water the Dracaena more often, in winter (especially when the temperature in the room is lower) you ought to do it less often.

Planter Size:
Standard/Deluxe/Premium - 11x14" Ceramic Pottery

All images Shown are standard sized. Each upgrade come with larger or more intricate arrangements.